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We, at Bali Contractor are expert in providing to our clients the perfect house construction with final output that suits their budget and meets all their requirements. Our services contractor Bali will bring the best result to your project. Our motto is to fulfill every requirement of our client and execute their project with the best accuracy and reliability. 

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Villa Construction

Contractor Bali will help you to build your new home from the beginning, starting from the first design until the final touch and completed. In this construction project, we are acting as general contractor as well as project manager. We work only with licensed and qualified contractors to ensure all your projects are going match your expectations.

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Whether your home need a minor touch up or major renovations, Contractor Bali also offers remodeling services for your home. We are accepting any type of request, whether it is a small renovation to a major layout to improved and increase the spaces of your home; our mission is to help you in your project. We have a long list of good quality material suppliers that will suit your current architecture. We will help you to increase the value of your home.

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Home Additions

Contractor Bali also provides service to add additional things to your home. Whether it is indoor or outdoor additional living space, we are able to help you. In addition we can provide you quality home additions to increase your home value.

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Kitchen and Bathrooms

Are you looking for good quality kitchen and bathrooms with custom designs? Bali General Contractor is able to help you to achieve your dream bathroom and kitchen. We work together with the best designer in town, so we are able to make your dream come true for your kitchen and bathrooms. We work only with good quality handmade producer of kitchen cabinet, tables and bathrooms. Imagine having your bathtub in a shape that you want and only you will have it! We are able to make your imagination come true.

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Project Management

Bali General Contractor is equipped with cloud based project management system where you are able to keep track of communications 24/7. So the current technologies also help us to be able to provide you with a flexible processes and scopes of your project. Also we count in our team tri-lingual agents that will help you in different aspects in building your home and starting your new projects.

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More Services

Here a list of our services in this section:
– Bali Builder Services
– Bali building contractors
– Apartment Building Construction in Bali
– Bar and Restaurant fit out Contractor Bali
– Shopfitting and Retail Store Contractor Bali

More Services

Additional Services

Bali Land Surveyor

Get a professional land surveyor report for your land including topography report

Bali Soil Test

Get a professional soil test report for your land that you can use for your building permit (IMB)

Architect Layout

Get a professional layout from senior architect to start your villa design in Bali

Structure Analysis

Get a professional structural analysis report for your future villa or hotel in Bali that you can use for your building permit (IMB)

Building permit Drawings

Get your architect building drawing that is required for your building permit (IMB)

Building permit Service

Process your building permit for your building with a professional agent specialized in building permit (IMB) in Bali

3D render Images

Get 3D render of your future villa or Hotel according to your needs and design

3D render videos

Get 3D render with videos of your future villa or Hotel according to your needs and design

Architecture design

Get ideas for the concept design of you new building project in Bali with a professional team

water well drilling

Get access to professional water well drilling service and get free water in your land.

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