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"Choose the best contractor in Bali for your new project!"

Bali Contractor is a full service Building & General Contractor focus in residential & commercial construction in Bali, Indonesia. We are a dynamic team of experts that are inventive, ingenious and dependable. Teaming up with all parties involved guarantees your project meets its financial guarantees in the established timeline; while adhering to quality & technical craftsmanship resource. Bali Contractor is your partner for any kind of building construction in Bali and more.

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Building Construction

Bali Villa Construction

"Build your dream's villa in Bali with the best contractor!"

Bali Contractor is a professional Design & Build Contractor. It means we can do the whole job for you villa construction in Bali. So we can design your new villa or remodeling an existing project and then build it. And we will take care of everything from your initial vision until the day you take possession of your finalized project. Also we will deal for you with all the multiple services. And we will organize everything for you; this is as simple as that.

Bali Contractor will take you from your first idea to the achievement of your project, until you can enjoy your new home! Our Team is here to assist you to make the right choices and take the best decisions for your villa construction project. You can use the service of our architects or provide us the plan of an external architect and we will follow up your building construction project until the end. From there we do it all, dig a secure foundation, fix any possible drainage issues, put into place the Bali home you have always wanted for your family.

We can provide you a one stop services for your villa construction project in Bali. And we can offer you and deliver a turnkey project from building construction to full services around your project.

Contact us now to organize an appointment and discuss about your project with our professional team.

Bali Villa Construction
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