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Project Steps

There are several steps for building a villa in Bali. At Bali Contractor, we help you starting of project consultation, design of your dream home or villa, constructions of the building, and finishing of the building.

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Project Consultation

Unsure about the best are to invest in Bali? And not sure how to build your current empty land? How to make your current building into a dream home? Want to know about the current market trend in Bali for home and villa investment? Do not hesitate to contact us. Because we are here to help you. Also we provide project consultation such as pre-investment phase. In this phase, we will advice you with the current market trend in Bali such as which area is best investing to get extra income or the area best for residency.

Project Consultation
Design - Bali Contractor


Did not have building designer or it is too costly to hire designer to design your dream home? Do not worry; we have got your back. We, Bali General Contractor, also provide design services, finishing and conceptual planning for your dream home or villa. As our main priority is to provide the best customer care, we will continue to improve the designs until the customer finalized and agree on the design. With this service, we ensure that you will reduce your cost of hiring building designer. Moreover, in case there is necessary change need to be done, it will be much convenience to spot on and to edit the design.



Building Construction in our main strength for sure. In addition we are an experience and licensed Bali Contractor that will be able to help you building your dream villa, commercial building, hotels and many more. So we are a proud builder that assures that we are using the best quality of material to build the villa that you dream on. We have a long list of satisfied customers where we believe that you will be one of our satisfied customers too.

Building Construction
Construction Steps

Construction Steps

  • Prepare the land such as leveling, knocking down old buildings.
  • Prepare a strong foundation for your building
  • Construct a solid building frame and wall
  • Roofing and Installations
  • Direct and timely communications to owner
  • Landscape design
  • Furnishing
  • Common area infrastructure.
  • Decoration works
At Bali Contractor, we understand and follow very well Bali’s building system and regulations. Therefore, be sure to sit and relax at the beach while we are building your dream home or dream villa in Bali.
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