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We are a company focus on building construction service in Bali. We build home, villa, hotel and more. Our company is fully licensed and we know what we are doing!
You will find here the detail of our Bali building services: from consulting to design, building construction, home improvement and more. Our services Bali builder will bring the best result to your project. 

Building Process

Building Steps

Land Preparation

We help you prepare the land such as leveling, knocking down old buildings.


We prepare a strong foundation for your building.


We construct a solid building structure and walls.


We will select with you the best options for your roof and other installations.


We are in direct and timely communications with the owner to optimize the building process.


We provide landscape design service to give a tropical touch at your project.


We can assist you for all your decoration work.

Attention To Detail

Be focus on small details and anticipate any problem is the most important part of our job.

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More Services


Are you looking for other services to help you improve your current home?

We also provide other services:

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation.
  • Home Repair and Maintenance.
  • Domestic and Commercial electrical installations.
  • Repairing, designing and installing plumbing systems.
  • And also residential and Commercial roofing systems.

With more than 10 years of building construction experience, Bali Contractor is the best option for your project in Bali.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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