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Are you looking for apartment building construction in Bali? So you are at the right place because we at “Bali Contractor” are able to help you in building an apartment for you. In general, apartment in Bali will not be same style and tall as any apartment in metropolitan cities. Because in Bali, apartment usually are only three to four stories high. As an experience Bali General Contractor, we are very familiar with this rule and we always make sure that all apartments that we build to follow local Balinese rules and regulations. And this is why when you choose Bali Contractor you are sure to be in a good hand to build your apartment project in Bali.

Bali Condominium

And with Bali apartment properties, your family will be able to enjoy a comfortable and spacious living space. Bali condos and apartments give you the chance of living a beautiful experience in a beautiful environment. Depending on price and also the location, Bali condominium and apartment properties may be available unfurnished or furnished, according to your needs. Our company will help you to build an apartment or a hotel in Bali or Lombok. And we provide a full range of services to our customers, from a land plot search and purchase, ownership transfer and obtaining a title deed with all legal documentation to the completion of the project with all legal. So we are ready to make your dreams come true under a supervision of the management of our professional company.

Bali Apartment Contractor


  • First of all, a perfect analyze of your needs,
  • In addition we offer good prices,
  • and finally a high level of competence.
Construction Management

Our Expertise

  • Land Survey
  • Architect
  • Licences & Permits
  • Water supply
  • Foundation works
  • Electric works
  • Walls
  • Flooring
  • Finishing
Bali apartment Construction
Apartment Choice


  • First the financial aspect with a lower investment than a house,
  • Next a lower maintenance by unit,
  • Also the amenities like share pool, fitness, tennis court… and laundry facilities
  • And of course a global security
  • But there is also the social aspect
  • And finally a better accessibility than a single villa.
Bali Contractor Apartment
If you are interested in apartment building construction in Bali – Indonesia, our company is the perfect partner for your project. We provide a complete development of various projects starting from the land surveys to interior design in a complete building. And you can be confident that we handle everything for you to avoid any risk related to legal issues in a foreign country and also the risks related to human mistake. We already developed various projects all around Bali and our experience will definitely bring a real value-added at your project.

In conclusion, you are at the right place for your  apartment building construction project!

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