Building Cost simulation in Bali Indonesia

Building Cost Simulation in Bali Indonesia

This building cost simulator in Bali helps you to calculate the cost to build your new home in Bali. Just input all your data to obtain the cost to build and it’s free to use. Make your selection above now to start your estimation.

Simulation of the building cost

Choose the finishing that you need for your house or villa
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Many factors influence directly the final building cost of a house or a villa. Many of them involve customization while others are related to the basic construction costs.
The first factor is the Size as a villa with greater square meters will tend to cost more than a smaller home.
The number of stories, as creating additional stories, including basements and attic spaces, can increase the building costs.
The shape of the building can also influence the global cost.
The roof type, including tile are also an important factor that can require more resources from the home building budget than more typical types. This is an area where durability is directly linked to the materials used.
The grade of fixtures and finishes, including standard, medium, high, luxury or custom, can impact the cost of a home. Granite counter tops in the kitchen or even Italian marble tile in the foyer can make an important impact on the budget.

*** All our price here are just a global estimation to give you an idea only about the cost to build your project in Bali. For the exact amount please contact us to organize an appointment.

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