Cost of Building a Pool in Bali

Cost of building a pool in Bali simulator

This cost of building a pool in Bali simulator will assist you to have an idea about the global cost of your project. Also a swimming pool adds a real value to your villa or home. And the cost to build a pool depends directly of the type, the material, the finishing grade, the surface area. For more detail about the materials and their costs, don’t hesitate to contact our team. With Bali-Contractor you are in good hands and all our team will assist you from your idea until your project come true.

Simulation of the swimming pool cost

What finishing surface do you want for your pool?
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What is included in this evaluation cost?
This is the cost for an in ground & concrete swimming pool with eventually a waterfall system that is an attractive feature on any pool.
This price includes everything, including the finishing surface, the lightening, the electricity system, the pumps and filters related to the water volume of your swimming pool.
We also provide a cleaning tools and brushes, vacuum assemblies and chemicals for a good start.
*** All our price here are just a global estimation to give you an idea only about the cost to build your project in Bali. For the exact amount please contact us to organize an appointment.

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For more information about our cost of building a pool in Bali simulator or your swimming pool construction project, contact us here.
Our team will answer you as soon as possible to organize an appointment. So we will be able to discuss about your project with our experts in pool construction.