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At Bali contractor, we design and build home, private house, villas or hotel for everyone that wishing to have a custom made building in Bali. Our services in Bali include all kind of building construction such as private and luxury homes or villas, hotels, resorts, restaurants and spas. We provide a full services whereby we helps you starting with your building concept to the complete finished building. We have a well spoken English architects with years of experiences in this field. Of course, we are more than happy to work with architects of your choice too.
Build a villa in Bali
Construction Investissement Sécurisé

Secure your Investment

We guarantee and insure all our projects and we are pleased to help you in every steps of you dream home construction. Whether you are looking to have your own luxury tropical homes or villas, latest interior styles, unique designs and interesting features, Bali Contractor is here to help you. 


Building Experience

Our company reputation has been known for years for its customer satisfaction policy, good quality, value for money, and high integrity in doing all of our projects. It will be a pleasure for us to help you to turn dream house or villas into reality, especially in Bali where everyone wishing to have live here. In additional of building private and luxury homes and villas, we are also able to assist you if you are looking to build hotel, resorts or restaurant and spas.

Expérience de construction
Expert en bâtiment


We build each project with international standards and more than happy to assist you with an initial design to the final completion of your building in Bali. We provide 24/7 assistance and can even provide design of your home or villa while you are abroad. We helps eliminate all the hassle of building your dream home or villa in Bali by providing a full services starting from your initial home concept to construction to completion and filling the interior. Making the house is ready to live in by the time we hand over it to you. In addition, we also provide a different style of building designs to for your reference. Please click here to check our suggested design where you can combine few of more designs and make it your own.


Building Polyvalence

Our construction service handle, both residential as well as commercial building construction. Our main goal is to give our customer the best choice and style of building, best quality and value for your investment here in Bali. We showcase a full professional package and able to assist and advice you with everything starting from architecture plans, constructions, installation of other services, kitchen and bathroom design, swimming pool design, garden landscape, Jacuzzi installation, furniture style that suits your building, security system and other areas that included into creating your dream homes. Do not hesitate to contact us for more detail about our services.
Building Polyvalence
Le pouvoir de l'expérience

The Power of Experience

With years of experiences in building construction of private homes and villas in Bali, we have all the contact to purchase all the necessary materials with best standard quality. We are able to help you to source products and material from outside of Bali even from overseas if it is necessary. We have build excellent reputations and trust connections with our suppliers, which allow us to source good quality at minimum price materials and products. This allowed us to pass the value for money into the construction and making the finished building affordable with good quality.
Bali Contractor

The right Choice

Best Contractor in Bali

Bali Contractor is your best partner to make your dream of construction in Bali become a reality and get a unique and luxury private homes or villas in Bali. Our professional team will help to analyze and assist you in completing your goal in having your dream house or villa. To make our customer to feel as comfortable as possible, we provide you with English, French, Spanish and Bahasa speaking agents. This will ensure you to have the best detail communications as possible and achieve your goal. We are looking forward to hear from you. Contact us here for further detail.

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