Bali villa construction

Property development in Bali

Our Bali villa construction company offers a complete service of home construction on Bali Island. So if you are looking for building contraction in Bali we guaranty the best service and delivery of the whole project.

Moreover we offer land, manage villa design, build, handle the construction, control and complete the full project until give you the keys of your new home.

Bali villa construction costs

First of all, to get an idea about the global cost of a residential home construction, you can use our “estimation cost tool”. In another hand, please follow the following information to get an idea of the cost by meter square:

  • Building construction only – start from 5,500,000 by m2
  • With “Medium” finishing – around 6,500,000 by m2
  • For “High” finishing – around 7,000,000 by m2
  • With “Luxury” finishing – around 9,000,000 by m2
  • Swimming pool cost – around 4,800,000 by m2 with natural stone finishing
  • For large project contact us directly here.

Bali villa construction costs

Finishing includes the following steps: wall painting, tile, sanitary ware, windows and doors, air conditioners.

All our prices here are just a global estimation to give you an idea only about the cost to build your project in Bali. So for the exact amount please contact us to organize an appointment.

Building for Commercial

First of all our Team has experience of building condominiums, hotels, shopping centers. Also for major construction project we collaborate with consulting companies, leading contractors and supervise all the construction processes. In addition we are focus in all type of projects, from small building cottage to hotels construction. And we also provide for you business plans, ROI calculations, loan detail and we also can assist you to find some investors according to your project.

Step of a building construction project

The procedure of constructing a private home or a hotel complex includes organization, design and construction. It may also include partnership with some competent authorities. Finally the process of construction of any building can be simplified into different steps:

  • Investment
    • Market Analyse
    • Land Purchase
    • Construction Permits
    • Buy the land plot and registration
  • Project
    • Relief research and analyses
    • Project design
    • Get the building permit
  • Construction
    • Prepare the land;
    • Prepare the foundation;
    • Frame construction
    • Walls construction
    • Roofs construction
    • Communications providers
    • Decoration
    • Furniture
    • Landscape

At the end of the project, after make the ultimate payment the client receives the building finished with all keys and documentations related to the villa construction.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us here.