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Since our company have been setup, the services offered to all our clients stay the key of our success story. We are professional in Architecture and Construction services.

As contractor in Bali, we will provide you here the maximum information about us, our company and our team.

Thank you for choosing us as you Contractor in Bali island.  We are Bali construction and Builder Company that provides conventional design and construction services to building your dream home services. We help to design and build private luxury homes or private luxury villa for everyone wishing to have a unique home or unique villa in Bali.

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Why Build With Us?

Self Motivated

Our politic of self and perpetual improvement is the key of success in our branch.

International Experience

Most of our clients are foreigners and they contribute to improve our services in architectural design and bring us the latest technologies for the construction work.

We Meet Deadlines

We have engagement with all our clients and partners to respect all our deadlines. We optimize all procedures to finish our contract before the deadlines of our contracts as we know that "time is money" for everybody.

Sustainable Design

We have no limits in designs and we are open to build any design that is suitable for our clients and also technically possible and safe.

Attention To Detail

Be focus on small details is a part of our job and brought us where we are now with trust and partnership with all our clients and partners. We are responsible and understand that details will make the difference at the end.


Our Work

Design Contractor Bali
Villa Construction Bali
Putu Architect Bali Contractor
Yudha Architect Bali Contractor
Laurent Engineer Bali Contractor
Bali Contractor - Villa Building Quality

Building Construction Quality

With many years continues experiences as contractor in Bali, we are proud to present you a premium Bali Construction service. Customer satisfaction is our core business policy that made us excellent in fulfilling your needs of having your dream home. We are excellent in what we are doing and how we are doing it. Therefore, we make sure that you will have the best quality of home or villa of your choice in Bali.
As contractor in Bali, we committed to provide our customer the best value of their investments. We show this commitment by providing services starting from designing your dream home in Bali, execution of building your home, choosing the best and high quality materials, as well as the final touch of your home or villa.


Building Cost Estimation

No matter where are you located at the moment, We are able to offer a consultation of the best area to build your home or villa in Bali, creating design of your dream home in Bali, helping in building, managing the constructions, and passing over the key to your finish dream home. Please check also the cost estimation of your dream home in Bali by trying our cost estimator calculator . Please contact us for further information about how do you want us to help you. Let us help you in making your dream home or dream villa in Bali into a reality.

Bali Contractor - Swimming pool
Bali Contractor - Motto

Bali Contractor Motto

Providing you continues supports and improvement of our techniques to achieve customer satisfaction. Build Private Home or Private Villa with the best quality and timely deliveries. We are Contractor in Bali and we use a friendly approach; provide a transparent and modest pricing to finally make sure your Bali Investment is well invested.


Bali Contractor Mission

We want to be the global solutions provider for your Bali villa construction and we will build your perfect dream home or dream villa. We also want to provide an exceptional quality for our customers. And maintain the consistency in our services and continue to improve in our end results. Next ensure that our Bali construction services meet local regulations. And finally we want to give our customers the value of their Bali Home or Villa investments.

Bali Contractor - Mission
Bali Contractor Vision

Bali Contractor Vision

The first step is to set the highest quality standard for each of our project and making it into an innovative Bali villa construction. And associate our company image with quality and value for investment and we are providing the best customer care. Also providing our customer with professionalism in all of our construction activities. And finally being a dedicated contractor in Bali in all of our services.

Bali Building Construction

Our Bali Contractor services includes but is not limited to:
First provide clear documentation guidance in building private home or villa in Bali, and offer solutions in imaginative and cost effective manners,
Also make a quick project delivery with cost and time effective manners, in addition maintain the best quality workmanship, and provide communications with customer through out the projects, finally give other ideas and supports to achieve finished dream home.

Bali Contractor - Building Construction

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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