Hotel Project 3 Floors Building Construction

Hotel Project 3 Floors Building Construction

Building Cost: Start from 4,500,000 IDR/m2 (Industrial Finishing)
Pool Cost: Start from 4,000,000 IDR/m2

This Hotel have been designed with a mix of minimalist and industrial influence. This hotel offers spacious bedrooms surrounded by a large tropical garden and a huge swimming pool. The open living areas on the second floors are here do develop a Yoga Retreat Resort with a full view of rice field around the property.

Villa Construction Information
by Bali Contractor

Property Type Construction Hotel 3 Floors
Land Size  1,500 m2
Building Size  800 m2
Pool Size   15 meters x 6 meters ( 90  m2)
Bedrooms 15
Bathrooms 16
Global Price
(Estimation for Building & Pool)***
Start from 3,960,000,000 IDR
(around 283.000   USD)

*** Excl. Parking, Terrace, Landscape, Fence Wall

This is here you will turn your dream into the reality. You have now chosen what you want, what you can expect with your budget and how you are going to finance it. The next step is now to decide about how your home will look like.

Likewise with most things, it is better to use a professional for this procedure. You may think it is a costly option, but they will bring creativity to open your imagination with experience & knowledge and will make your home the best it can be. They will also provide you the best advice to build within your financial budget.

Using an architect to tailor something exactly for you will bring you to a home that is only for you and your family. These drawings will give you a global view of modern house with all the elements that are important for you.

Online villa plan website can supply drawings and specifications that are ensured to get you a building that match with your requirement. After buy a predesigned plan, then you can work with their Architect or our Architects can help you to customize the design to suit your land plot & access and also integrate your lifestyle in this project.

Who can provide a custom designed villa plan?

  • A Professional Architect
  • An Architectural Designer
  • Our Team as we count in our team some registered Architects and Architectural Designers who can design your villa from white page according to your specifics needs.


If you are looking at wonderful villas in home magazines, you will for sure get exciting ideas for your new house.

This is the time to know what you can afford according to your budget.

The reality is that many of these villas have very high price and can cost quickly many hundreds of thousands of American dollars to be built even if we are in Bali.

For many of us there is a fundamental requirement that is called: “Compromise”.
However, this is good to know that a similar design can be accomplished within more limited budgets by building smarter, smaller or built with alternative materials.

All our team is at your service to bring your project to the reality with the best architecture & interior design and within a budget that match with your requirement.

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